At Greenhaugh Primary School  we provide a science curriculum that encourages and develops scientific enquiry and critical thinking and allows children to reach their potential. We encourage the children to develop a curiosity about the world around them. Moreover, we aim to prepare our pupils for life in an increasingly scientific and technological world.  We believe that all children should be offered opportunities to take part in memorable science lessons that provide opportunities for independent as well as collaborative learning, working together to gather evidence and discuss ideas.   We want to ensure that our children see Science as relevant and as playing an important role in our daily lives. 


We follow the National Curriculum as the basis of our curriculum and are ensuring that the children are provided with a progressive sequence of learning.  In  Reception Science is taught as part of the Area of Learning “Understanding of the World” and is approached in a holistic style involving lots of “hands on” activities that place scientific concepts firmly within an everyday context. Children are encouraged to learn to observe objects and events carefully and talk about their findings using accurate descriptive vocabulary.  In KS1 and 2 Science lessons are planned based upon the children’s existing knowledge which teachers assess at the beginning of each unit. Science lessons provide opportunities for discussion, predictions, reasoning and lots of practical  experiments that help deepen children's understanding and see how science impacts on daily life.  Recording in science is varied and is appropriate to the age of the child, this includes writing,  drawings, pictograms, bar charts and labelled diagrams.

Annual Science weeks and visits from Scientists help capture the children's interest, allowing them to explore certain areas of Science in even greater depth and also see some of the ways in which Science and Scientists are part of the world around us.


The children in our school enjoy science and can talk about investigations that they carry out. There is clear progression in terms of the knowledge and skills taught in each Key stage and children are learning to work scientifically. Scientific vocabulary is taught specifically and children love sharing it!  Children can talk about ways in which the Science they have learnt could help them in everyday life and they are aware of some of ways in which Scientists have impacted the world.  After our recent Science week lots of the children said they wanted to be Scientists when they grow up.