Admission Procedure & Prospectus

Reception 2024 applications  -  Applications for a Reception place in September 2024 in Northumberland schools will open on Wednesday 1 November 2023.
Please remember to apply using the link below in the ADMISSIONS panel
 The closing date for applications is Monday 15 January 2024
Our Prospectus can be viewed by clicking on the link below:


Children are admitted to school, full time in the September following their fourth birthday. Reception and Pre-school children take part in regular collaborative sessions. In the second half of the summer term, new starters are invited to stay at school for one or two sessions, followed by a full day on Transition day. An informal meeting for new intake parents is held in the summer term where uniform can be purchased and a ‘Starting School’ booklet is given out. Children will visit their class in school during the summer term, to become better acquainted with their classroom and teacher
ALL parents must complete a Parental Preference Form for their child which is now online, and may be accessed using the following link:  www.northumberland.gov.uk/admissions
The online application form is completed in the Autumn term of the year before your child will start school.

​The online admissions portal opens on 1 November 2023, and closes on 15 January 2024 for Reception places in September 2024.

​Please see Our School / Policies for our Admission policy

For more information on admissions please visit www.northumberland.gov.uk/admissions
Where the number of applications exceeds the places offered, parents have the right to appeal. Appeals procedure: In the event of a parent making an appeal, this will be dealt with by the Director of Childrens Services.