Class 2

We are acutely aware of the challenges that are presented in the engagement of remote learning. You may have work commitments, family commitments or other demands on you during this time and so we have borne this, and your valuable parent feedback, in mind when considering how to deliver our remote learning curriculum.

We are doing our very best to try to support and continue the education of all our children and that means we need to work closely together to be able achieve this.

Class Dojo will be used as the basis of our remote learning curriculum and each week you will receive a timetable with URL links to specific, differentiated lessons for your child/ren. These lessons may be created by your child's class teacher, taken from White Rose, Oak Academy or BBC Bitesize or from a range of other online resources.  If requested any worksheets that accompany these lessons will be posted to you in the form of our ‘learning packs’. The timetables will be made available to you each Friday via Class Dojo. We will provide you with workbooks for the children to record learning and would ask that you upload the work onto ClassDojo so that teacher feedback can be given. ClassDojo is proving invaluable for effective communication between school and home and we are happy to chat to you on the Class Story or via Messages with any feedback, concerns or requests for support. It’s also an excellent way to celebrate our learning and for you to request or receive suggestions about how you can support your child further. As ever, remember that we’re at the end of a phone call, too!

Please get in touch as soon as possible if you’re having any difficulty with access to technology, the internet, or websites/links that we are using for the home learning. We are ready to help find the solution!

Above all, stay well and stay safe!
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