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School Voice

We encourage all the children to participate in the life of their school and community.  One means of giving our pupils this opportunity is through School Voice.  Year 3 and 4 children take part in a  "Class Council" session and then feedback to the younger children. The children have supported the raising of money to improve our school, setting up stalls at the Summer Fair and selling tickets for a talent show.

Examples of projects initiated by the children include:
  • Refurbishment of the school library
  • Improving playground equipment and the purchase of our "Adventure Trail"
  • Creating a Wildlife area, including a pond.

​The conservatory was taken down in October 2019 and a new teaching area has been built in its place since we became a Primary School in September 2019. This has allowed us to maintain the space available for Foundation Stage children within the school, and for an extra Year 5 group from September 2019 and then Year 6 in September 2020.